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 Protagonist/Arisato Minato (Persona 3)

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PostSubject: Protagonist/Arisato Minato (Persona 3)   Thu Mar 31, 2011 5:08 pm

Protagonist from Persona 3 is a silent character who just transferred into Gekkoukan High after leaving the town/city for 10 years. When he returns, he just gets off the train. Everyone disappears, all he sees are coffins around him. His MP3 player stops working, and he looks up at the clock. Blood starts to run from the clock.

In Persona 3, he can equip just about any weapon. He also can hold multiple Personas. This could actually help quite a bit. He could probably use his default weapon type, (And only weapon type in Persona 3 Portable for him) of which is a sword. If not, he could possibly switch between weapons in battle.

Neutral Special: Agi. Agi is a fire skill of which would probably be used by Orpheus, his default Persona.

Side Special: Use bow

Down Special: Use brass knuckles with a 3-hit combo OR Dia (Healing)

Up Special: I dunno about this one. Third jump, maybe?

Final Smash:

2:15 or so. All-Out Attack.

However, this character summons his Persona by shooting himself in the head with an Evoker. This looks VERY suicidal, and due to that, I'm unsure if this should be included.
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Protagonist/Arisato Minato (Persona 3)
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